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Choose Your Location, Demographics, And Start Advertising To Thousands In Minutes!

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Select Your Demographics. All Who Meet Your Requirements Get shown your online billboard



Choose Your Location. All Online Ads Are Geo-targeted. Choose local or worldwide advertising



Completely tracked. Know exactly how many impression views, clicks to your website, and where. 

Online Billboards Take You To The Next Level



1,000+ Users



25M+ Views

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Why limit your advertising to only a select few spots when you can make the entire internet your billboard?

Typical Results.
Advertise With ANY Budget. No Minimums!







Proven Results Used By Fortune 500 Companies!

Want To See TYpical Results On Any Budget? Use Our Free Cost Calculator!

How Much Does it cost to create a my online Billboards account?

100% FREE! No Cost. Sign Up in less than 30 seconds!

Our do it yourself, self serve billboard advertising platform is 100% FREE to sign up and use. The only thing you have to pay for is the actual advertising amount when you start a new campaign. To sign up, all we need is a username, email, and password. No credit card is required.  

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Trusted By Thousands of users

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“I’ve always used Google and Facebook advertising, but as time went on. they became more and more expensive… and in some cases, less effective. I stumbled upon My Online Billboard and we now use online billboards to generate highly targeted ads and use social media for retargeting. Much more effective and it has cut costs down exponentially, all while increasing our business.”

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” Being an influencer is hard. It’s hard to sell clients and constantly trying to stay on top of the marketing trends. Online Billboards help me advertise my latest videos across thousands of platforms and drive traffic to my social accounts – which increases my search engine rankings because I am getting hundreds of website visitors driven to my account from other places. Plus I can use any budget. “

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“I watched on of the webinars that Dallas had put on and I was intrigued by all of the options. It just makes sense to help diversify my business and there’s even ways to help increase my SEO on my website and Google Profile.”

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“They were able to help reach over 500,000 in a matter of weeks for my e-commerce store. The Cost Per Mile & Cost Per Click is nearly 2-4X lower than Google & Facebook… and it’s SUPER SIMPLE to set up!”


Best Results For Members

On Average, People Who Use Online Billboards For Local Advertising Reach Their Target Audience Across More Than 1,500+ Websites Per Campaign And Reach More People Than They Would With Other Advertising Mediums… On Average We Beat Our Competitors Reach By 2-6X Per 1,000 Impressions!

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About My Online Billboard

Help Every Phase Of Your Business Growth

We Take All The Guess Work Out Of Advertising By Combining Professionally Trained Advertising Specialists Along With A Trademark-Backed Machine Learning Process To Help You Reach Your Target Audience With A Highly Targeted Online Billboard.

Targeted Billboard Ads

Your Roadmap To Reach New Customers

Most Businesses, Your Competitors, Are Advertising On Social Media and Search Engines but they are missing a large majority of untapped customers. With My Online Billboard, You Can Reach New Customers Wherever They Are Online! Whether They Are Looking At The News, Game Scores, Looking For Recipes, Listening To Music, Playing Games, Or Simply Browsing Their Favorite App Or Random Searches They Do Online… Your Online Billboard is There Meeting Them With Open Arms — Driving Them To Your Website. From There You Can Then Retarget Them On Social Media And Google If You Have Your Retargeting Pixel Installed. Let My Online Billboard Do All Of The Heavy Lifting!

Why Not Advertise Across The Entire Internet Plus Your Current Marketing Efforts You’re Currently Doing And Leverage The Power Of 1000s Of Websites Current Website Traffic? 

Setting Up A billboard Ad is easy!

We Provide Only The Best Technology To Grow Your Business!

With our variety of online billboards. You can now advertise your billboard to every internet enabled device who already has an interest in your product or service in a matter of minutes!

1. Name Your Campaign

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2. Select Your Demographic Interests

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3. Select Your Ad Location

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4. Upload your Billboard & URL

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