10 Tips to Grow Your eCommerce Store This Black Friday And Christmas

Due to the recent pandemic, many switched to doing online businesses. Thus, if you have one then now is the best time to do some eCommerce store advertising. Remember, you also have a lot of competitors so you should always look to get the upper hand so that you would succeed.

10 Tips to Grow Your eCommerce Store This Black Friday And Christmas (1)

1. Post on Social Media

It does not take a lot of effort to share your eCommerce store on your social media accounts so do it when you have the chance. This is one of those black Friday marketing tactics that are commonly done so you hope your friends would share your post.

2. Publish Blogs

When you have some basic writing skills, make a blog and publish some posts about the products that you sell. If the articles are good, the blog could have a good ranking on Google.

3. Get a Chatbot

Prospects would feel great about buying your products when a member of your customer service team would respond to them right away. That would happen when you have a chatbot answer the frequently asked questions.

4. Use Affiliate Marketing

It is one of those tactics that are commonly done because it helps spread the word about your products during times when you are asleep. Thus, better get a headstart while you can. 

5. Add Emails to Your List

If you haven’t been doing email marketing then you are missing out on a lot. You should really add more emails to your list so that you can reach out to a lot of people there.

6. Target Customers in Multiple Countries

It seems like you can have the chance to target customers in other countries due to the fact that delivery is common. Hence, you must take advantage of this by not only limiting your target market to the ones that live in your country.

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7. Work with Influencers

Influencers have tons of followers and each one of their posts could reach thousands of people. Don’t forget to focus on the ones who post something similar to what you are offering. 

8. Encourage Repeat Transactions

Offer your customers something so that they would feel a bit encouraged to buy from you in the near future. There is nothing like getting repeat customers and they may become your loyal clients.

9. Offer Complimentary Products

What better way to gain exposure than to offer complementary products to your new customers. 

10. Online Billboards

Ads will pop up about your products on videos and apps. it is pretty much a win-win situation. You can even open up an account on My Online Billboard and you will immediately be able to begin advertising to people who would be interested in what you have to bring to the table. Use My Online Billboard to advertise across the entire internet from millions of websites, apps, games and more. 

Ready to get started marketing your ecommerce black friday deals?

All the above black Friday marketing strategies are pretty easy when you are really focused. All of them can actually be done in a single day and you can look forward to having an increase in sales not only during Black Friday and Christmas but also on normal days due to the exposure.  We suggest you begin by creating your 100% free My Online Billboard Account to use online billboard advertising for your store today. 

10 Tips to Grow Your eCommerce Store This Black Friday And Christmas