How I Grew A Facebook Group To OVER 45000 In One Year

I FAILED Today!!! I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do one year ago today…

Did I catch your attention?  How did that make you feel? 

But was it really a failure? Did I really fail?

Some may say “yes”… while others would say “no”…

A year ago I started a Facebook Group and declared I would have over 50,000 members in one year! I’m at over 49K+ members. 

Am I upset? No. Do I think I failed? No! I learned a ton!!! But I will acknowledge I didn’t reach the goal and that I am still proud of myself…

Did I mention I started the group in another country and I don’t even speak the language?  How??? I’ll explain later…

Now, for those of you that are unfamiliar with Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages…  just know that you can NOT advertise a Facebook group to get new members. You can advertise Facebook Pages to get “Likes” and “Followers”… But you can not advertise Groups to get new members. I say all of this to emphasize it’s much harder to grow a group than it is to get people to like your page… 

It’s rather hard to grow anything when you don’t speak the language…. Right??? 

Wrong!!!!! (Well, kinda… LOL)

It’s about the principles and taking repeated action!!! 

I’ve spent years trying to perfect my craft in the marketing and advertising realm… I even gave away my services for “FREEEEEEE”…  A lot of them had NO CLUE, just how much value I brought to them, but that’s another story for another day.

I’ve advertised for clients that are living in over 30+ States… and even 10+ different countries. Advertising is different everywhere… but at the heart of it, there is a consistent theme everywhere. 

Now back to my Group… You may be wondering why would you choose a different country? Well, to be honest, I had helped someone in another country start the group and they spoke the language. 

I also wanted to prove to myself that if you know the process, you can make anything work… regardless of any language barrier 

To say I did this on my own is a lie. I had the help of one of my Virtual assistants and Google Translate. 

  1. We started posting in all types of groups inviting members to promote their online sales. (Everyday) 
  2. Started posting daily questions to increase engagement
  3. Created and posted 5 Motivational posts in the group per day (The first goal was to average 10+ posts per day so Facebook will recommend my group) 
  4. Next, we advertised a Facebook page to the people with the group link in the comments and tied in a retargeting pixel on a website.
  5. Next, we created an online billboard showing we had a FREE Online Sales Group to advertise your products and bring.
  6. Every week, we would thank our members for joining and then invite them to invite their friends.
  7. Update The group name with new keywords on a monthly basis. But “Online Sales” was always the theme…
  8. Continue the process and schedule it out to keep it self sustaining along with a few secrets 

So what did I learn from all of this? EASY!!!! I spent too much time trying to force everyone in the group to speak ENGLISH!!!! LOL… I really wanted to “diversify” the group and make it worldwide. But I was unsuccessful. The group had already grown so much to people in Brazil and Portugal that I had to abandon my idea and go full force in Brazil and rely on technology to translate as other things.

As soon as I accepted that, and started embracing the process, everything worked out. In fact, if I would not have tried forcing English everywhere… I would have reached 50,000+  members. I was using the right “words”, just not the right language (literally LOL)

So why did I do this? It was a test and an experiment. I figured most of your “Gurus” hadn’t ever really walked the walk and I honestly assumed I would fail. But this time it was a success! 

Did I “fail” at reaching the total goal? Technically, yes! But I can now officially say I am the leader of a Facebook Group of nearly 50K members, and even though  I have no clue what they are saying in their live videos. I did it. How many can say they did that with a nearly zero-dollar budget?

If you want to join the group, check it out here.

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