How To Advertise A Game

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How To Advertise A Game

Ways to promote your game.

Here are 5 of the best ways to promote your game and get more users, downloads and grow.

1. Gaming forums

If you frequent a gaming forum where other gamers congregate, you might consider providing a link to your game in your forum signature. Ensure the forum has the correct kind of people for your game.

2. Social media apps

Promote your game on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Many individuals use social media to share content and connect with friends, making it a perfect place to promote your game

How to advertise a game and get more involvement

3. Link/Banner swap

If you have a site for your game, you might ask another gamer to link to yours. In return, they will probably ask you to link to their site from yours. This is a website exchange, so their visitors may click the link to locate yours.
The link might also be an ad, which you can send to the other website. This provides users something to link to before clicking, so make it appealing and reflective of your game.

4. Freebie Giveaway

Give a few copies away to people in gaming groups to review or run a contest for free copies. People love reviews and need them to convert. Especially in the beginning when they do not know you. 

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How To Advertise A Game