How To Get More Downloads On Your Mobile App

Mobile usage goes up daily, with each person spending time on their phone. Mobile has now become an effective way to tap the market because it’s so convenient for everyone. The challenge is how you can use your App to be heard in this crowded world.”

For every business that wishes to have a mobile application built for them, one of the questions they ask is, “How do I get more people into my app?” If you are asking this question, here are some tips that will help you increase downloads of your App.

How To Get More Downloads On Your Mobile App

How To Get More Downloads On Your Mobile App (1)

1) Increase visibility

The first thing to do is make your presence known by ensuring that your logo or website URL is visible everywhere possible. This might mean inserting it onto such as T-shirts or in TV ads. All this does is let people know that you exist in the mobile space.

2) Use SEO to increase your ranking on Google Play Store or Apple Store

These are easy enough to do; once you’ve developed the App, all that’s left is submitting it to either of these stores. After this, make sure your website URL and logo are included in the description to make it easier for customers who already have your App to find you later when they want to download another app or when they need support.

3) Ask for reviews when users open the App

Some apps allow users to review them right after using them without having to uninstall first, while others ask every time a user opens an inside part of their App. More reviews will help you increase the rankings of your App and bring more customers in.

4) Consider advertising via Facebook or Google Adwords.

Most people have heard about both these platforms, so using either is a great way to let even more people know about your App. Customers looking for apps often use these websites when their phones don’t have any pre-installed software, so it’s a good idea to take advantage while they’re there.

5) Update regularly

Updates improve the experience that users get from an app and keep existing customers coming back again and again because the updates add new features and functionality that weren’t available before, which can encourage users to open up App once again, believing that it will be like before.

6) Promote your mobile App on your website

Make sure that the description of the mobile app says that it’s available for both iOS and Android because most people will be searching for this. It also helps if you put up videos showing what the mobile App does, it increases conversion rates while still allowing users to get an idea about how they can use the App without having to install it or sign in first.

7) Include App sharing capability on social media networks

Sharing features are important because every share makes more potential customers aware of your brand, so try to include social sharing buttons directly within the App that allows people to share their activity with others on Facebook, Twitter, or even Google My Business.

This also lets social media users know that you have an app.

How To Get More Downloads On Your Mobile App and increase downloads

8) Update after major events

Big sporting events, music festivals, or even natural disasters are big news, and your update should be too! Push out messages to mobile apps letting customers know what’s changing because of what happened or pointing them in the direction of emergency information they might need urgently. These messages will increase the visibility of your mobile appApp within the mobile space.

9) Interact with customers via chatbots

Chatbots are artificial intelligence programs designed for customer service; it allows companies to respond immediately to messages on their Facebook pages or platforms like Telegram, Slack, WeChat, etc. While this is important for all business types having a mobile app means engaging with your customers while they’re on the go.

10) Pay for downloads

Lastly, if you have a budget available, paying to promote downloads of your mobile app will get you more traffic and potentially more users who are looking for what your App offers, so this is an effective way to grow your customer base. 

11) Online Billboard Advertising

The most cost-effective strategy could be advertising on other websites, apps, and games toward your target demographics. Online Billboards give you the ability to target specific people by their demographics, age, interests, occupation details, and much more. Then once you select your audience, your online billboard will be placed across the entire internet reaching your audience across millions of potential places. A couple of examples could include someone looks up a recipe, your online billboard for the app is there. Someone plays a game on their phone, your online billboard for your game is there! This can all be accomplished with My Online Billboard using their 100% free account.

To find the best strategies on how to get more downloads on your mobile app, use the above strategies and you will be on your way to growing your mobile app and making more money! 

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How To Get More Downloads On Your Mobile App