How To Market Solar Energy On Other Websites And Triple Your Traffic!

Solar power is the energy of the future. The sun gives us clean, renewable energy without any harmful emissions and at no cost. But how can we market solar power to people who don’t know what it is? Well, there are many ways to reach potential customers by advertising on other websites, apps, games, and more to reach your entire state and get more solar roofing leads in a matter of minutes!

How To Market Solar Energy To As Many People As Possible

If you are interested in learning how to advertise solar energy on other websites and how to reach the most people without having to break the bank, then keep reading. You won’t regret it!

Simply put, solar energy is huge and has so much potential, yet most people today don’t know what it is. They don’t even know how they can get their own solar energy roof. Now, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want it – quite the opposite, they want it as much as possible… They just have to be advertised too, and then educated on what solar can provide them and their property. Luckily that is where we can help you reach people actively looking for solar, as well as new people who have no clue about the opportunity solar provides.

A Few Things To Remember When Marketing Solar Power

When marketing to solar energy consumers, you need to put your best foot forward. Don’t let solar energy be another boring topic. Show them that they can save money through solar power. Talk to them in a simple, non-intimidating, and pleasant manner. You need to show the world how useful and beneficial solar power is for everyone. Also, the whole solar energy industry is quite young and it’s only in the recent years that solar roofs have become popular. This is why it is best to keep it simple and show how much you can save as well as the cost of freedom it allows you to have when you create your own “energy”. 

The Best Way To Advertise Solar Energy On Other Websites And Triple Your Leads!

If you want to advertise solar energy on other websites, the first thing you need to do is use My Online Billboard. My Online Billboard Makes The Entire Internet Your Billboard allowing you to target homeowners in a specific geographical location and reach up to 38 times more traffic than just the use of search engines and social media platforms alone. 


With My Online Billboard, you are not subject to the extremely high costs Search Engines can charge. Some words in Solar can be as high as $50+ PER CLICK to the website!! My Online Billboard targets the same people regardless of where they are and on average provides one-click / lead into your website for ONLY .84 Cents instead of $50+! My Online Billboard’s average cost per click is Less than a dollar!  In comparison, this means you can get an average of almost 50+ homeowners into your solar website, while reaching literally thousands and thousands of people seeing your name and logo to help increase future sales and build a name in the solar industry as the “go-to-guy” for solar.

How to get more leads for your solar company and save money!

Side-By-Side Comparison And The Science Behind Search Engine Marketing Versus My Online Billboard.

MOB Solar Google Comparison 1

Would you rather spend $4,719,942 Or $187,992

In the example above you can see Real Life data behind solar keywords and phrases for search engines. 

For the 15 given search terms, there is a total of 223,800 searches possible for the entire united states per month. While pricing can range from $28 per click, all the way to nearly $50 per click. You can quickly realize how fast your marketing budget can be spent! (A 100 clicks could result in $5,000 being spent on advertising)

To shine more light onto the situation, if you take the average Cost per click for the 15 keywords, which is $21.09 PER CLICK (See Image Example Above)… and when you multiply that by a total of 223,800 searches (This is assuming you got every single click for solar across the United States and is only for example purposes). Your grand total you would have to pay to get 223,800 people into your website would be $4,719,942!!! 

With My Online Billboard, you could instead target homeowners and people who have a home above $200,000 and drive 223,800 people to your website for a grand total of $187,992! (What a huge difference!) We arrived at this grand total by taking our national average cost per click of $0.84 cents multiplied by 223,800 clicks. 

You can quickly see the savings as well as the number of leads you can generate with ANY BUDGET! 

Not to mention if you were to spend $187,992, you would reach OVER 21 Million Impressions. 

solar comparison impression reach

By no means are we saying you need to spend hundreds of thousands, but we are showing you that you can get the same results with a lot less than you would have to spend and still reach a lot more people than ever! Even the people who are not educated on solar energy, which is far greater than the population that does, will see your online ad! 

With my online billboard, you have the luxury to set your own budget, of any budget, and begin advertising to homeowners in your area in minutes! 

How to build an online billboard for your Solar Energy Company

Step 1) Sign up for a free My online billboard Account

Create your Solar Company’s Free My Online Billboard Account or Login with your account details if you already have an account.


Screenshot 2021 08 11 3.00.49 PM

Step 2) Design Your Online Billboard

If your Solar company has a designer on staff we suggest you have them create your online billboard. if not, you can use Canva to create your Free Online Billboard. Also if you would like us to design your online billboard, we also offer that opportunity within your dashboard.

Billboard Sizes We Accept: [.jpg|.gif|.png] THESE SIZES FIT 99% OF WEBSITES: Use At Least 1 – 300×250 | 728×90 | 120×600 | 160×600 | 468×60 | 300×600 | 320×50 | [1 MB MAX]

Example of An Online Billboard For A Solar Company

Step 3) Set Up Your Online Billboard Campaign

Once you have your online billboard created for your Solar Ad. Click “Start New Campaign”.

Step 4) Pay For your Campaign

First you have to enter in your email address, enter your budget, and input your credit card details.

Typically, you can expect to reach at least 112,000+ impressions with a $1,000 budget spread out over a month. In most cases, we beat that. especially when you allow us to create 5 different Solar Online Billboard Ads for you.

(We do not store any credit card information on our website. We have partnered with STRIPE to handle all transactions.)

Step 5) Enter your Online billboard campaign details


Enter your campaign Name, advertising dates, and adjust any details that you need for your Solar Brand.


Next, you will select your target audience. you can select from lifestyle interests, demographics or just select maximize your reach. One example could be those who are homeowners and also has a home value of $500,000 and above. By doing this, you will advertise across thousands of websites, apps, and games to those specific people regardless of where they go. 


Then select your location. By default, it selects all of the USA. If you are able to cover the entire state, we suggest you start with the state you are operating in. 

if you sell online or can cover the entire USA, we suggest leaving it across the entire united states for maximum reach and exposure.


Lastly, you will upload your online billboard to your Solar company that you created in step 2.

Then to finish it off, you will input your website or any URL you would like them to be taken to once they click your online billboard for your Solar Online billboard.

Then Click “start Advertising” and that’s it!

typically you can expect your online billboard to begin advertising within 24-48 business hours.

ready to start an online billboard advertisement for your Solar Business?

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