How To Optimize My TikTok Video

Are you tired of not getting the results you were hoping for on TikTok? Do you know how to optimize my TikTok video to the best of your ability? If so, These are the steps you need to take.

Always keep in mind that TikTok is a creative game. It’s about reaching the younger generation and creating bite-sized videos that people would enjoy and can get “lost” in the moment. 

Here we go, so all of you optimization wizards need to take the backseat and learn what makes your creative video the ability to scale and get consistency out of your results.

How To Optimize My TikTok Video​

1. Upload your videos in HD

83% of the best performing ads are 720p +. High-quality videos are a must in TikTok Ads. 

2. Use audio

93% of the best performing ads have audio on! Choose audio that people will like. 

3. Make sure your video is vertical

Did you know 98% of all video ads on TikTok that were super successful were vertical? Well, it makes sense. Never upload square or landscape. Keep it up and down. 

4. Tell Your Audience What You Are Offering

Ads that saw a 3%+ conversion rate mentioned an offer in the video. So if you want people to buy… You pretty much will want to mention the offer so people know what you’re selling.

5. Keep Them Guessing

This one is startling… and likely is one of the reasons you can’t scale. 99% of all high performing TikTok ads use many frames per video. Meaning they have quick transitions, different angles, and use jump cuts. If your video does not have those things. No wonder you don’t see your ads being delivered.

6. Closed captions

People sometimes don’t have sound on so make sure to include captions. Not only that but 73% of all high performing ads had captions…

These are just a few of the things to pay attention to with your TikTok ads and posts. The moment you start doing this. I’m sure you’ll start to see a lift in results! If you would like to reach millions of other people who are not on TikTok and would like to lead them to your video and advertise across the entire internet to make your content go viral, consider also using Online Billboards in addition to TikTok Advertising. 

How To Optimize My TikTok Video​

7. Online Billboards

My Online Billboard has made it easy to grow your viewership and get more eyeballs on your video by advertising across thousands of websites, apps, games and more. Making the entire internet your billboard! 

Ready to get started marketing your Tik Tok Video?

How To Optimize My TikTok Video​