How To Run Online Billboard Ads

Billboards are great because they are big, bold, and often eye-catching. These billboards don’t just exist in the real world anymore though. You can also have an online digital billboard on the internet. With this new form of advertising, you can get more creative with your message and reach more people without having to pay for an expensive physical space. Now, you can advertise anywhere at any time! Join us as we take a closer look at how to run online billboard ads that are effective for your business.

What are online billboard ads?

An online billboard ad is a digital ad that appears on an internet-enabled screen when someone visits a premium website, game, or mobile app. Online billboard ads used to only be available to businesses with large advertising budgets. Luckily that has changed thanks to My Online BIllboard! Online Billboard ads are easy to run and highly efficient. Most of the time, since you are reaching people where they are and not “intruding” on them, you will actually see a higher engagement rate and mass reach potential compared to more traditional online advertising mediums at a lower cost. 

The Advantages of Online Billboard Ads

  • Attracts new customers from premium websites regardless of where they are at or go. 
  • Faster setup You don’t need to build, lease, and maintain a billboard. 
  • More efficient with a super-easy setup process. You can get more clicks and increase your conversions by making ads that are relevant to your customers. 
  • Every customer who sees your online billboard can be targeted by their interests and demographics making your conversion rate higher than normal.
  • 100% trackable with a known amount of traffic and reach. With a regular billboard, there is not a sure way to tell how many went to the website or saw it. With online ads, you can know exactly how many impressions, website visits, and even exactly where your traffic saw your online ad. 
  • Create multiple online billboard ads for A/B testing
  • Highly cost-effective – Your ROI is very high, as you are running ads more frequently and more efficiently, you can get better marketing value for your advertising budget by advertising across millions of websites directly to your target audience.
How To Run Online Billboard Ads

How to Run Successful Online Billboard Ads

Running an online billboard is quick and easy. It honestly requires no advertising skill or know-how knowledge when you use My Online BIllboard to run your online billboard ads. 

When you want to run a successful online billboard ad, you will need to first design your ad. For best results, you will want to include your 

  • logo / Name
  • A Heading
  • Subheading
  • Phone Number
  • Website address
  • Call-to-Action Item such as “SHOP NOW”

Once you have your online billboard ad designed you are 3 minutes away from advertising across the entire internet and potentially reaching millions! 

To Start You will need to do the following steps

  1. Sign up for My Online Billboard (If you don’t have an account yet)
  2. Click “Start New Campaign”
  3. Enter Your Total Budget. You can use any budget. If you are running a 30-day campaign, your budget could be 10/day making the total you pay only $300.
  4. Give Your advertising campaign a name, select your advertising dates, Select Your demographics and interests of people you would like to see your online billboard, and enter the location you want your billboard to run at.
  5. Lastly, you will upload your online billboard and enter in a website URL you would like people to be taken to upon clicking your billboard ad.

AND THAT’S IT!!!  You are now advertising to the masses and reaching brand new customers you would never have the ability to reach with other platforms available. 

Ready To Run An Online Billboard Ad For Your Business?

How To Run Online Billboard Ads​