Online Billboard Ads Passive Income

Online Billboard ads are a great way to promote any type of business. They can be used to advertise your company, promote an event, or announce the opening of a new store. But what’s even better is that they can also bring in extra income for you. You don’t have to own or design a single billboard space to make money either. 

Online advertising has been one of the most effective ways to reach a larger audience. Internet billboards provide us with a way to create noticeable and engaging ads for a relatively low cost. Not only is it less expensive than other advertising methods, but it also guarantees that those looking at your ad will be in proximity to your message. This blog post will explain how online billboards work and how you can make passive income with them.

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The Benefits of Online Billboards & WHy you need them for additional income

  1. You can place an online billboard ANYWHERE in the world
  2. No money is needed to get started. Only pay when you place your online order
  3. You can target specific demographics and lifestyle interests – so everyone who sees your online billboard is a potential customer, making them highly targeted
  4. You have the ability to advertise across every internet-enabled device ranging from TVs, phones, tablets, home appliances, and much more!
  5. Online Billboards are more efficient and cost-effective. You can expect to reach a thousand plus impressions for ONLY $9! 
  6. Online Billboards save you time. Once you have your online billboard designs, it takes less than 3 minutes to begin advertising.
  7. No upfront costs to produce and print a giant billboard that usually costs thousands on top of your billboard advertising budget. With online billboards, you can either have My Online Billboard design your billboard or do it yourself. 

There’s a reason why only Fortune 500 companies in the past was able to advertise with online billboards across millions of websites, apps, games and more… To put it simply, Online Billboards WORK!!! They are a lot cheaper than most digital and traditional advertising mediums. With an online billboard, you can rest assured that since you are hitting your target market regardless of where they go, that you can finally build an everlasting brand that can stand the test of time. Even during COVID, people were using their phones and searching. Why not reach them where they are everyday?

How Do Online Billboards Work?

While there are millions of ways someone could find your onlinebillboard, here’s a few examples:

  1. Have you ever been on Google searching for random stuff and then before you know it, you are on a website reading about the latest crazy trend or what just happened? Well across all of those websites that are advertising, drawing you into their site, there are some online billboards there that we have access too! You can now place an order and begin advertising across the entire internet basically!
  2. someone is looking up the scores to their favorite sports team? Your online billboard is there!
  3. Looking for recipes or what to cook? Yep, You are there!
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With the help of online billboards, you can reach not only your everyday customers but also an entirely NEW market to grow your business! Plus an online billboard ads passive income system is completely trackable! You’ll know exactly how many impressions, clicks, and even the websites from where your traffic came from. 

How Can I use online billboards to make passive income?

Since online billboards are very unique to the average small to medium-sized business, you can use to sell advertising space to any business or anyone looking to get their content noticed. With My Online BIllboard, you are your own online digital billboard agency. We make everything easy and a complete turn-key solution for everyone. When you sign up for a free account, you get access to professional designers and a highly targeted online billboard system. 

Once you have a free account, you can then upcharge people and businesses to manage their campaigns. Most agencies that use us, charge their clients a small setup fee for the designs and then up-charge on the cost per mile (1,000 impressions)

So you can walk into a business and tell them you can get them 100,000+ impressions of their business or event. Our cost to reach 100,000 impressions is ONLY  $893! From here you can charge them whatever you would like to manage their account…. and the best part is to run and set up an online billboard ads passive income stream takes less than 3 minutes and you will be off to growing their business while you sleep!

Ready to get started with online billboard ads passive income?

Online Billboard Ads Passive Income