Phoenix Billboard Advertising

Phoenix Billboard Advertising is now served by the best team in the business. With our variety of online billboards. You can now advertise your billboard to every internet enabled device who already has an interest in your product or service in a matter of minutes!

Whether you are searching for Bulletins, Displays, Billboards, frequent flyer advertising and Digital Advertising options - we will ensure you have an effective advertising campaign to reach your target audience!

Phoenix Billboard Advertising That Makes The Entire Internet Your Billboard To Reach More Customers And Grow Your Business!

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Phoenix Billboard Advertising Cost / Quote

Our pricing is simple! On average you can expect to reach AT LEAST  1,000+ Impressions for every $10… So if you have a budget of $1,000, you can expect to reach at least 100,000+ Impressions. However, we usually always aim to beat this. We are the leading Online Billboard Ad System and always aim to “over deliver”.  

What is the minimum amount I can spend to start advertising my billboard?

Any Amount!  We have no minimums! Your online billboard account puts you in control to spend as much as you want to, as well as the amount of time your online billboard is shown. 

Can I advertise to the entire state?

Yes! You can select your location and then My Online Billboard will go out and advertise to them online... everywhere! 

Phoenix Billboard Advertising

Will I have analytics / Stats?

Yes! You will know how many impressions, number of website clicks / engagement, as well as the exact number of websites, apps, games, and more.  

Can my online billboards target specific interest groups?

Yes! When you start an online billboard campaign. You select your ideal clients’ demographics, such as Age, Gender, Interests, Search Intent, Social Status, and much more!  The Online billboard then goes out and meets them wherever they are online, introducing and leading them to your brand / business / service. 

Where will my billboard ads show?

Online! Our billboard advertising system has access to the majority of all websites, apps, games, and more. Once you upload your billboard and select your demographics. Your online billboard will meet them on their personal phone, tablet, computer, smart tv, or wherever they are online – leading them to your brand and website! 

How Does My online billboard Work for Phoenix Billboard Advertising?

My Online Billboard is easy to use. 

  1. Sign up for our 100% Free Account
  2. Design Your Online Billboard
  3. Pay For Your Advertising
  4. Select your billboard advertising dates,  demographics, and location
  5. Start Advertising

And, That’s it! Sit back, relax and let us do all of the heavy lifting. Start today with any amount and start growing your brand today!  

How Much Does it cost to create my online Billboard account?

Our Do It Yourself, Self Serve Platform is 100% Free to sign up and use. The only thing you have to pay for is the actual advertising amount when you start a new campaign.

How can i design my billboard?

We give you the freedom to design your billboard or there are other options that are free to use and minimally expensive. A few options include the following:

  1. Design It Yourself
  3. My Online Billboard Creator
  4. Local Designer In Your Area
  5. online graphic design services
  6. Request Us To Design Your Billboard For A Small Fee

Ready to get started with Phoenix Billboard Advertising?

In conclusion, Phoenix Billboard Advertising is now available through My Online BIllboard where you can make the entire internet your billboard! Start today and begin targeting new customers across thousands of websites, apps, and games!


Phoenix Billboard Advertising