We Are raising funds to help your candidates advertise across millions of websites, apps and games... and we need your help!

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This year we have a runoff between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock. This is a crucial race for both parties and a must win for both.

To Do this, we need more voters to show up and vote at the polls!

This is where we need your help!

We are raising funds to help advertise across potentially millions of websites, apps, and games using online billboards to reach people and deliver them to the nearest voting booth with turn-by-turn directions and reminders to go and vote!
Your Contribution today will be aimed at every republican and democrat in Georgia and will help us establish a one-of-a-kind voting opportunity like never before!

Thank you for your support!

EVERY $100 Given REACHES 15,000++ Voters of your choice

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