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Invite thousands to your church

Highly Targeted Ads That Advertises Your Church and invites hundreds of Thousands Of People across the entire internet to your church in your local area or worldwide!

I'm sure you've seen a billboard on the side of the road...

Now you can make the entire internet Your Billboard for your church!

We make it easy to Drive people to your church by reaching people genuinely & effectively at the right moment.... Regardless of where they go!

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Invite Thousands To Your Church

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Would you like to grow your church’s congregation? 

Sponsor A Church Today with any amount! 

Your Sponsorship will allow your church to send a mass internet blast to invite thousands to your church on Sunday’s or you can reach the entire world to grow your online church services and ministry!

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3 Steps To Sponsor A Church

Step 1

Select Your Sponsor Level. Sponsor A Church With Any Budget.

Step 2

Let Us Know Which Church Or Pass Along The Advertising To A Church In Need & we'll contact a church in need

Step 3

Fill Out Our Simple Form With Your Church's Contact Info... That's it!

What to expect with your Sponsorship!

We added in 20% Extra Advertising. No Contract. No Design Fees. Completely Managed Account. Write off your advertising expense on your taxes.  

Not wanting to order a package and only sponsor the cause? Don’t worry! we give you the option to enter in any amount of your choice!

$1,000 = 135,000+ Impression Reach

$2,000 = 275,000+ Impression Reach

$3,500 = 475,000+ Impression Reach

Select your Sponsorship level below and input your Payment details To begin

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Get More From Your sponsorship!

20% MORe Free Advertising impression reach!

Free Online Billboard Design

Free Account Management & Set-Up

Access Your Reports Any Time

Completely tracked. Know exactly how many impressions and clicks to your church's Online Billboard

We spend OVER 50 days on our phone every year! Why not advertise your church to your surrounding areas or even reach the entire world for your online church services!

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Select your Sponsorship level below and input your Payment details To begin

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