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Do You Want to have a commercial in the super Bowl?

Your 15-second commercial will be showcased before, during, and after the Super Bowl game on Paramount, ensuring maximum exposure.

Your commercial will be streamed to tens of thousands of families in your designated City DMA market, maximizing local impact.

Your business will have a news story published to commemorate this monumental occasion, With over 55 million readers and being shareable online immediately.

How To Get Started

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Choose your advertising package and then proceed to provide us with your 15-second commercial, logo, website, and specify the desired location for your advertising reach. This information will ensure a tailored and effective promotional strategy for your business.

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We will publish your business news story across three major online networks, ensuring its visibility and ranking on top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more. Once published, we immediately initiate the advertising of your news story to maximize its impact.


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Your 15-second commercial will be streamed on Paramount On the Day Of The Super Bowl Including Before, During and After The Game, reaching tens of thousands of families and providing your business with unparalleled exposure during this iconic event.


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Bronze Media

$ 2800 Cost Per View = 10 Cents
  • 10K+ SB Day Commercial Views
  • News Story Writing + Publication
  • 18K+ News Story Views
  • Total Reach 28K+

Silver Media

$ 3600 Cost Per View = 4.5 Cents
  • 20K+ SB Day Commercial Views
  • News Story Writing + Publication
  • 60K+ News Story Views
  • Total Reach 80K+

Gold Media

$ 6500 Cost Per View = 3.8 Cents
  • 50K+ SB Day Commercial Views
  • News Story Writing + Publication
  • 120K+ News Story Views​
  • Total Reach 170K+


Frequently Asked Questions

Your ad will be streamed on Paramount, the official streaming service for the Super Bowl

Your Super Bowl ad will start and run from 8am to 11pm CST.

The Super Bowl is scheduled for February 11, 2024.

Yes, your ad will be shown before, during, and after the game on Paramount.

You will have the opportunity to pick your DMA, with a focus on your business zip code, or target the entire state or the USA.

Your ad should be 15 seconds in duration, but longer ads up to 30 seconds are possible with prior notice.

In addition to the streaming commercial, your business will also receive a business news story with a monthly readership of over 55 million, which can help your business commemorate this moment and generate immediate growth.


Usually, a 15-second commercial contains about 30-40 words.

Yes, we have a proven template video script below that allows us to create a quick video for your business.


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