What content or ads are prohibited?

My Online Billboard strives to accept a wide range of advertising. Some, such as politics have a few restrictions but has to go through an approval process to ensure all actions are met both locally and nationally.

Some content we can not allow:

1. Pornography, Nudity, Obscenity, or other “Adult” Content
2. Hate Speech or Defamatory Language
3. Sale of, or instructions for creating, guns, bombs, ammunition, or weapons
4. Displaying fake errors to induce user action, or messaging that implies knowledge of a users computer or operating system
5. Sale of drugs, illegal pharmaceuticals, or paraphernalia (including Marijuana) 
6. Charging for government forms and services
7. Enabling or Permitting Piracy
8. Misappropriation of Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret, or Patent
9. Executes or Downloads Files without User Interaction
10. Content that intends to, or does, induce user action through misleading appearance or behavior, including, but not limited to, creatives that mimic video players, functional buttons, errors or warnings about viruses, missing codecs, and corrupt disks.


We Reserve The right to refuse services.