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Let Us showcase your expertise and credibility to the world through a few of our partnered news sites.

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Here’s how it works: We will create a compelling news Story about you and your law practice, highlighting your specialties, years of experience, and any specific information you’d like us to include. Once the Story is ready, we will send it to you for review and revisions.

After You’re Satisfied With The Final Version, We Will Submit Your News Story To Hundreds Of Our Partnered News Sites, Including The Digital Journal, Which Reaches Millions Of Readers Every Month. This Exposure Will Not Only Enhance Your Online Presence But Also Boost Your Search Engine Rankings.

Our 3 Step Easy Process

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1. Answer A few Questions About You

Answer 9 Questions About You & Your Law Practice.

we write a news story for you

2. We write a news story For You To Review

We Write A Professional News Story For Your Approval.

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3. After Approval, we submit your Story

Once Reviewed, We Submit Your Story To 100s Of Our News Partners Websites.

How Can we do all of this at no cost?

The answer is simple: we believe in the power of our work. 

By Providing Exceptional Service, And Helping Our Clients Achieve Widespread Online Visibility, We Have Found That Over 90% Continue Working With Us Through Online Billboard Advertising Simply Because We Know What We Are Doing.

So… Once We Get You Published, You Will Have The Option To Advertise Your News Story, Google Profile Listing, And Your Website Across Millions Of Websites, Apps, And Games With An Online Billboard Advertising Campaign That Is Guaranteed To Reach Hundreds Of Thousands To Help Brand And Grow Your Name, Business, And Credibility.

However, our current focus is solely on getting you published online, improving your SEO, and delivering an outstanding experience that will leave a lasting impression on your potential clients. If we excel in these areas, we consider our job well done And The business will follow!

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We Publish Stories for the Digital Journal with over 1 Million Active Readers EVery MONTH. Going Directly to the digital journal for publication costs $1,695... YOUR Gift free!

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All of this at no Cost to you. Simply Answer 9 questions below & Let Us Get To Work For You!

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